Why Writing a Letter to your Sponsored Family is Important?

Even though writing a letter or email to your Sponsor Family is kind of old school these days, it is still important. When you take the time to let your Family know you were thinking about them, it might just make their day.

Life can get busy, but don't forget about the people you care about who are serving the Lord. Even if you don't have much time, set aside some of it to talk with your Sponsored Family. Here's how you can write a meaningful letter to your family. Describe the ministry you have been doing to your sponsored family. They would be interested in hearing about anything, whether it be a buddy you have been ministering to through Natural Discipleship, maybe it’s about someone you have invited to church, or anything in between.

Only when the entire body of Christ joins forces can the work be completed. Knowing that your family is working hand in hand with you on discipling others gives comfort to your sponsored families. It's a great way to feel more connected to your family.by concentrating on the same tasks they are.

If you’re not currently discipling someone or in ministry maybe you can use your sponsored family's service as an example to become a trainer of trainers of Jesus as they are. I can assure you that your family is interested in hearing about your efforts, whether they are giant leaps or modest steps.

Sponsor Ponsiano in Uganda

Sponsoring Ponsiano in Uganda help him to expand God's Kingdom by making disciple making leaders.

Sponsor Seleman's Ministry

Seleman's heart is to reach many people to make them Jesus’ disciples, across the country of Africa and the whole world.

Sponsor Rukundo's Boys Home!

Rukundo Glorie leads Miracle Life Church, a church of about 200 members. He also has an orphanage consisting of 23 boys and one girl. He is building a Natural Discipleship Team consisting of 12 young adults from his church

Help Sponsor Steven's Ministry Today!

Steven, from Malawi is a National Director in Africa. He is the Founding Pastor at Faith Evangelistic Ministries. His vision for his community and beyond is to see that everyone is able to explain the scriptures, understand them and implement them in passing them on to others. To multiply the workers in the Body of Christ through Natural Discipleship and grow together a Global Movement via the exposure of new technology.