Pastors and Church Leaders

In an age where technology readily intersects with spirituality, bringing transformative discipleship experiences to your congregation can be both a necessity and a challenge. That's where Natural Discipleship comes in — curriculums crafted to enrich and equip believers in their faith journey, fostering growth and outreach that aligns with the heartbeat of the Great Commission.

Why Natural Discipleship?

At Natural Discipleship, we believe in the power of accessible, Christ-centered teaching that mobilizes the church to act in unity and purpose. Our curriculum is meticulously designed to guide individuals and communities in their quest to embody the principles of Christian discipleship, fostering a culture of spiritual maturity and evangelistic fervor.

By integrating our curriculum into your church, you can tap into a wellspring of biblical wisdom that's both timeless and tailored to meet the demands of a rapidly changing world. Our platform encourages active learning and practical application, equipping believers to not just understand the Word but to live it out in daily life.

Effortless Accessibility by App

We understand that resources can be a barrier to effective ministry, especially in a landscape beset by financial constraints. That's why our curriculum is available on an intuitive, user-friendly app that your church can download and utilize completely free of charge.

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How to Onboard your church

Transitioning to a new curriculum may seem overwhelming, but our dedication to your church goes beyond just providing resources. The most effective way to introduce your church to the new curriculum is for the Lead Pastor to participate in one of our bi-monthly 3-hour onboarding training sessions.

During these sessions, we will give a brief overview of our curriculums, discuss the reasons behind our significant global growth, and demonstrate how your church can achieve similar growth. All meetings will take place on Zoom on every other first Saturday of the month from 10 am to 1 pm EST.

"Please sign up, and one of our pastors will contact you to schedule a time that is convenient for you. They can also answer any questions you may have before the meeting."

Onboard Support

One of our pastors will contact you and schedule a meeting to discuss the most effective way to onboard your church and begin the process.

Widening Your Missions Impact

Your partnership with Natural Discipleship doesn’t stop with curriculum adoption; it’s an opportunity for your church to join a global mission. By channeling a portion of your missions budget into our international initiatives, you become an integral part of God’s work in some of the most unreached regions of the world. Together, we can meet tangible needs, advance the Gospel, and change lives in Christ’s name.

If you wish to provide financial support to Natural Discipleship through your mission budget, kindly get in touch with us to discuss the various ways in which your church can benefit most from your support.

Financial Mission Support

One of our pastors will contact you and schedule a meeting to discuss the most effective way to onboard your church and begin the process.

Experience Missions Firsthand

Words and pictures can only convey so much. We invite you and your church to experience the impact of your support by arranging mission trips to visit and work alongside the pastors and communities you are aiding. Witness firsthand the transformative power of the Gospel and the difference your partnership makes as you interact with vibrant cultures, engage in life-changing ministry, and walk in fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ from across the globe.

Reach out to us to discuss further

Mission Trip Support

One of our pastors will contact you and schedule a meeting to discuss.