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$39 a month

We are a Global Multiplying
Discipleship Ministry.

We work with churches, pastors, and leaders all over the world who are relentlessly pursuing the great commission, particularly in the 10/40 window. We accomplish this in part by launching initiatives that remove obstacles that disciples face. We provide the tools and resources needed to help people transform their lives in the communities they serve. We meet needs and provide supplies to front line leaders in our poorer communities so that God's Kingdom can advance.

Help Feed 5 Families in Need Today!

Your gift can help supply a month of nutritious food for a hungry family, and open doors for us to share the hope we find in Jesus.

Donation Highlights

Your donations help support the ministry in many ways.

Sponsor a Church Building

Help one of our indigenous Pastors build a church in his community. Offering a place where his congregation to come together to worship.

Sponsor Rukundo's Boys Home!

Rukundo Glorie leads Miracle Life Church, a church of about 200 members. He also has an orphanage consisting of 23 boys and one girl. He is building a Natural Discipleship Team consisting of 12 young adults from his church

Sponsor Ponsiano in Uganda

Sponsoring Ponsiano in Uganda help him to expand God's Kingdom by making disciple making leaders.

Build Water Wells

In many remote villages we serve there is a lack of clean water for miles. Many wells run dry or fall into disrepair from constant use, residents then have to rely on lake waters and other streams of water that cause waterborne illnesses. We help create access to clean water while sharing with the residents that Jesus is the living water. John 4:14 Whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never thirst again. Help us meet this personal need and at the same time advance Gods kingdom. Suggested Shared Gift of $5000 is desired per well.


Your donation helps our global operations establish sustainable access to discipleship resources, improved connectivity, economic opportunity, spiritual health and most importantly, the advancement of God’s kingdom, one disciple at a time.


Receive the Free easy-to-use access to the app. The Discipler and Disciple go through the 9-step material together, while discussing the questions presented to them. It’s a simple conversational format, not a gospel presentation.

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