Begin Disciple Making


Begin Confident Disciple Making using Eight Steps and Social Media

By Geoffrey Harris


Are you tired of false starts or failed attempts at Disciple Making?

Now, you can feel confident in your plan to make multiplying disciples of Jesus Christ.

Keep reading for eight simple Steps you can take to gain confidence and become a sought after Discipleship Coach.

But first, let me tell you a success story about a Christian Leader who felt he was failing at Disciple Making.

Kassim Kabia, an Associate Pastor, in Sierra Leone, Africa, was leading Evangelistic Teams, going out from his Church, but he had no Discipleship follow up plan.

Then Kassim friended me on Facebook, Social Media, asking if I would Coach him.

Six years later Kassim has reached and trained a Movement of hundreds of multiplying Disciple Makers, including many Pastors. He has helped plant over one hundred House Churches, in Sierra Leone., Ghana, and Liberia, using Natural Discipleship and Social Media to spread Gods Word.

God taught me, through my virtual ministry with Kassim, the power of using Social Media networking and the simple, transferable impact, of our Natural Discipleship process.


Here are eight Steps I used with Kassim, and other Leaders in over thirty African Countries, to engage and train them in Natural Discipleship.

  1.      1.   Start with choosing a friend or Facebook friend, who you think may be interested and will be faithful, available, and teachable.
  2.      2.   Engage them by asking good questions and make the conversation about them.
  3.      3.   Ask transition questions  to determine their interest in Discipleship. Questions like, “Have you ever been involved in a discipleship relationship? Is that something in which you would be interested?”
  4.      4.   Introduce Natural Discipleship and ask if they would like to know more.
  5.      5.   Share “What to expect”in a Discipleship relationship; a conversational approach, one hour weekly meetings, lesson preparation and application, time, and personal commitment. Do not be fearful of setting the expectation bar high.
  6.      6.   Send or guide them to our Basic Curriculum, Natural Discipleship App link or a Natural Discipleship PDF,  at
  7.      7.   Get their contact information and set  up an appointment to begin weekly meetings, either virtually or in person. I also use Facebook Messenger for additional communication and to document and confirm assignments.
  8.      8.   Give the first assignment, to read and answer questions, in preparation for a weekly, exciting, conversation about the lesson topic.


As Jesus did, you will want to start humbly with one to three, faithful, available, teachable, friends.

After you take your first friend through the basic nine steps, we will provide you with FREE leadership training curriculum for building  a personal Ministry Team, through whom you can build a movement of one to one disciple making.

The first six lessons of Natural Discipleship will help you train your Disciple to find their first Disciple and get started multiplying.

BEGIN by downloading the Natural Discipleship App and PDF, go to