From Religion to Relationship


By: Geoffrey Harris

I believe the church in its present form, in America and around the Globe, is changing… 

from Religion to Relationship.

Over the last 20 years or more, the traditional church has morphed into a dead, religious institution, in the minds of many people.

Going through the motions but forgetting its purpose and mission, The Great Commandment and The Great Commission.

Now, churches are closing for lack of a clear vision.

The reason for the closures, I believe, is that churches are selling religion, and the younger generations are not buying it.

The good news is; God is purifying his church by allowing stale, legalistic, institutions to close, and creating a New, Global Movement, with new and revitalized churches, built around his original Purpose and Commission.

Love God and others, and Make Disciples who Make Disciples, of Jesus Christ.

The evidence of a new global movement and church, is the growing movements of multiplying Discipleship springing up around the world through organizations like Natural Discipleship, Big Life and Disciple Making Movements(DMM).

God is releasing his power from new planted and revitalized churches, to the whole world, through One to One Coaching of Spiritually Multiplying Disciples of Jesus Christ.

This Global Movement is moving away from traditional religion to a personal relationship with the God of the Universe, and one another.

God is no longer allowing his message, of love and forgiveness, to be confined to a once a week gathering.

His primary message is now being released, globally, seven days a week, through Social Media, Texting, Email, Video Conferencing, and Personal, face to face, Disciple Making.

You can be part of this great movement, from Religion to Relationship, by taking advantage of the training and resources offered at

Join the Movement from Religion to Relationship, and Lead with Love!