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By Geoffrey Harris

This exploding DISCIPLE MAKING  PROCESS is spreading around the Globe, here’s why…

Hi, I’m Geoffrey Harris, a Christian Leader and follower of Jesus Christ and I have been working for over 50 years coaching Christians in Discipleship.

I want to share with you a story that changed my life, at age 72, and inspired me to recommend a step by step PROCESS that can help you become a Global, power-filled, multiplying, disciple maker.

A few years ago I met a Pastor on Social Media, named Kassim Kabia. He is a pastor in Sierra Leone, West Africa. 

Kassim friended me because he was leading a missions team from his church but had no process to follow up those they were reaching. 

He felt inadequate and broken hearted that he could not help many in remote areas who had no church and asked me to be his coach.

As I listened, I felt a deep compassion and empathy for his situation.

I too, as a pastor, had struggled for many years to effectively make multiplying disciples of Jesus.

I realized that what Kassim needed was more than a prayer and encouragement but a clear, transferable, step by step PROCESS for multiplying through those he was reaching, leading him to plant churches.

Thankfully my brother Steve  who is a pastor, had developed a simple, BIBLICAL PROCESS, to use in his church, called NATURAL DISCIPLESHIP.

I immediately began to coach Kassim, online, using NATURAL DISCIPLESHIP and with the understanding that he would begin to coach others.

Within three weeks, Kassim had three disciples of his own.

Fast forward six years…

Kassim has planted over 100 churches in Sierra Leone and is helping lead a Global and Continental Movement of NATURAL DISCIPLESHIP in over 30 African countries and beyond.

NATURAL DISCIPLESHIP is a 9- Step Multiplying Discipleship Curriculum designed for one-to-one coaching. It is a conversation not a presentation.

It’s easy, just take turns reading up to a question and discuss your answers. The Biblical answers to most of the questions are in the paragraph(s) following the questions.

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