Our New Beginning


Our New Beginnings




Hello Natural Discipleship family, I wanted to introduce myself, my name is Pete Robertson, and I became the CEO and Chairman of this amazing organization in January of this year. As many of you know, Geoffrey Harris along with Steve Harris and I have all merged our ministries into one dynamic ministry called Natural Discipleship. Natural Discipleship is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of Geoffrey Harris, Vice Chairman; Christine Robertson, Secretary; Tim Barber, Treasurer; Steve Harris and, Bob Schoneman Board Members. Please keep us all in your prayers.


I wanted to give you some updates about this journey and where we are going together as a ministry. It all began about a year and a half ago, when Geoffrey introduced me to the Natural Discipleship curriculum.  Then along the way, Geoffrey, Steve, and I discovered that we share a profound passion for making disciples all over the world. God started a work in us that has taken us to new heights as our hearts were being aligned. Romans 15:5 “Now the God of endurance and of encouragement give to you to be like-minded one toward another, according to Christ Jesus.”

We Are looking to reach the 10/40 Window


Our Prayer is to reach the 10/40 Window in 2023

As many of you already know, Natural Discipleship is a rapidly growing ministry, that has many disciples with 8 generations of disciples and thousands, of individuals in their generational downline. God has sparked a movement in 32-plus countries, with Africa serving as a Hot Spot. We have passionate leaders in 27 African countries who share our goal of reaching the world for Jesus, particularly the most unreached in the 10/40 window.

What exactly is the 10/40 window? The 10/40 window is situated north of the equator at 10 degrees longitude and 40 degrees latitude. It is home to two-thirds of the world's population, and it is primarily home to the poorest of the poor. According to the Joshua Project, that equates to approximately 5.11 billion people. They think that three out of every five people in this region have never heard the Gospel. It includes all of North Africa, Muslim Nations, India, and Asia, including China. Natural Discipleship is driven by a desire to reach the lost in this area of the world.

With your support, our plan for reaching the 10/40 window is to start with what we have, which is a team of passionate African Pastors divinely placed in this region. They are not only focused on reaching Jerusalem but also on reaching the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8). Natural Discipleship leadership is training leaders and providing them with the tools they will need to advance God's kingdom forward in the 10/40 window. 

We Launched our New Mobile App


Not only are we equipping frontline ministers in international countries, but we have also released our “9 Step Curriculum” as a mobile APP, that you can currently find in the app store. This new technology now allows us to reach the entire globe with the opportunity to have easy access to a multiplication “9 step Curriculum” ministry. We currently have the curriculum in eight languages and hope to expand as God provides new opportunities. We will be adding many new features to our app later this year, such as; disciple metrics, so that people can see firsthand how their generational growth is doing within their multiplication ministry.  We're also adding resources and Church Metrics to help churches better equip their teams with this multiplication discipleship tool.


We have a New curriculum coming called “Keys to Being Set Free”!


We give our trainers for FREE, our “9-step multiplication curriculum”, but also the "Building a Leadership Team Curriculum" and the "Movement Building Curriculum." Both of these curriculums are geared toward team formation just as Jesus instructed His disciples to do. The early church grew one disciple at a time, until a movement began, in which people realized they were turning the world upside down. (Acts 17:6). Natural Discipleship provides saints with the resources they need to do just what the early church taught us to do.


We will be introducing a new Curriculum called "Keys to Being Set Free" later this year. 

The "Keys to Being Set Free" curriculum from Natural Discipleship, is a biblically balanced curriculum that will aid in the long-term healing of our disciples' hurts and hang-ups. A hang-up is any/ all bad habit(s) or action(s) we engage in that is contrary to God's perfect will. We create these habits in an attempt to alleviate our life's pains and to make sense of our purpose and identity. 


Let's face it, we live in a broken world, and we all deal with everyday pains, hardships, and routines. We think that no one can, or should, attempt to confront their hang-ups and pains on their own. "Keys to Being Set Free" is a fantastic one-on-one community of strugglers who courageously enter a secure and beautiful environment, to be open and honest about their grief and the negative ways they perceive themselves, God, and others. During this process, we realize that some of the behaviors we may have developed to escape our pain have caused problems in our lives and the lives of those near to us. This new curriculum will assist people in discovering the true freedom that God wants for all of us.

We launched a New Global Website

for you to share with your friends!


But wait, there's more! We've recently created a new website for you to share with your friends with a wealth of information about our Global Multiplying Ministry. We provide opportunities for people to learn about who we are, what we do, and where we operate. We highlight many of our needs and provide people with the chance to support some of our front-line leaders. According to Philippians 4:19, “God will supply all of your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus”. As a life-giving ministry, we, too, are confronted with numerous needs. As we support our leaders, we come across opportunities for us as a ministry, to come alongside our poorest communities. As God provides the resources, we empower our saints on the front lines with the resources they need to continue advancing God's kingdom.

We are so grateful for you and your Support


Supporters like you have brought us this far, and we will be forever grateful to God for bringing you alongside of us. We are here to serve you and to help the overall body of Christ advance Gods kingdom one disciple at a time. God is moving at Natural Discipleship, and we have only scratched the surface of what we have to share with you in the coming year. He is doing great and mighty things, and we are grateful that you are joining us on this journey. Please maintain this ministry in your prayers, and if God leads you to donate to His work, please do so on our website: www.naturaldiscipleship.com


Our greatest need is for God to raise up a group of people who can provide us with enough “Seed Capital” to further our initiatives to reach the 10/40 window. This money will be used to lay the groundwork for the ministry to become more self-sufficient over the next year. If you are in a position to give a larger donation and sense that God is leading you to contribute a “match fund” or a large lump sum, please contact me so that I can share with you how the money will be used. My email is Pete@naturaldiscipleship.com or you can call us at 321-250-8406.