Sierra Leone Africa

Sierra Leone Africa

My name is Augustine and I’m34 years old, married with a beautiful daughter. 


I want to begin by thanking God for connecting me to Geoffrey Harris of Natural Discipleship. I met him in 2019 through Pastor Kassim, who trained me in Natural Discipleship. 


It is a great blessing for me to have gone through the Natural Discipleship training, because it helped me to know the desire of God and what He wants me to do. Through the training, I know my identity in Christ and my true responsibility as a Christian. 


I am committed to making disciples who make disciples in my Country, using the multiplication principle taught in 2 Timothy 2:2. I currently have six generations of disciples. Most of these have discipleship groups, which some are now becoming a Church. 


My vision is to reach the unreached people groups in my country. These are: Kuranko, Susu, Mandingo, Fullah and Yanlunka.


I am also engaging in discipling youths and school children. I have Leaders in neighboring countries that I am training in Natural Discipleship, online.  With the help of God and the support from Natural Discipleship Leadership, I believe we will accomplish this great vision for His Kingdom.

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