Unveiling the Global Strategy

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Unveiling the Global Strategy System Network: Revolutionizing Discipleship in the 10/40 Window


Natural Discipleship is thrilled to announce the launch of our innovative Global Strategy System Network www.nddisciple.com, a groundbreaking initiative designed specifically for our 10/40 window team. This strategic move marks a significant step forward in organizing and streamlining our efforts on the ground, ensuring that we can move more effectively in our mission to advance God's kingdom.

As we integrate this new system, we are currently in the process of onboarding many of our disciples, with the anticipation of being fully operational by late April of this year. This timing is providential, aligning with the season of growth and renewal, and is emblematic of the flourishing of our ministry.


Sheilds System Operations

At the heart of the Global Strategy System Network (GSSN) is the shields system, a vibrant and dynamic feature that tracks the individual efforts of our disciples as they spread the Gospel and disciple others. Each shield represents a milestone—a tangible measure of their commitment and success in drawing others to the faith. The earning of a shield is not simply a personal achievement; it comes with the presentation of a certificate, symbolizing recognition of their work in the larger body of Christ.

This innovative system serves a dual purpose. It allows us to visualize and celebrate the movement of God within the personal ministries of our disciples while simultaneously providing us with a valuable tool for evaluation. The data captured by the shields system helps us to discern where God is working most powerfully and to identify potential leadership within our global network. This also allows us to identify key leaders to sponsor to help offset needs at home, such as food and paying bills. Most of our 10/40 window live in poverty and we sponsor those within the ministry who are like-minded in their efforts to advance God's kingdom.


Nine leaders supervising operational ministries and Polo Shirts

Already, the network is supported by nine fervent leaders, each overseeing critical areas such as bible distribution, printing guide circulation, polo shirt dissemination, prayer networks, and special trainings. As disciples progress within the network and reach the third shield, we joyfully reward them with a Natural Discipleship polo shirt as seen above—representing both an honor and a new level of responsibility within the ministry.

With this elevation, these committed individuals also gain the stewardship of ordering bibles and printed guides in their language, responding to the ever-evolving needs of their personal ministry.


Oversight and Accountability

The network does not merely facilitate resource distribution. It is also embedded with rigorous oversight and accountability frameworks, ensuring that our teams are consistently supported and guided. Monthly reports are a part of this structure, providing a pulse check on the vitality and trajectory of our endeavors.

Moreover, the network is equipped with sophisticated mechanisms to manage cash flow, ensuring that our resources are allocated efficiently and responsibly. In the event that our funds reach a critical low, a built-in waiting list feature allows us to monitor our resources and needs in real time. This level of transparency and foresight is invaluable not only for internal planning but also for communicating with our sponsors. By having precise, up-to-date information, we can share our financial and resource needs with greater accuracy, ensuring that our sponsors are well-informed and engaged, ready to support where it's most crucial.

In the spirit of stewardship and effective ministry, our Global Strategy System Network represents a leap forward in disciple-making and resource management within the 10/40 Window.


We need your Prayer and Support

Our prayer is that as more disciples are onboarded and as our network becomes fully operational, we will see a remarkable acceleration in the spread of the Gospel. As each disciple earns their shields and grows in their leadership roles, we are building a robust, interconnected community committed to the Great Commission.

We invite you to join us in prayer and thanksgiving as we embark on this journey. Your prayers and donations are at the heart of our mission, enabling and empowering us to move God's kingdom forward one disciple at a time. Through the love, grace, and truth of Jesus Christ, we are committed to transforming lives and landscapes.

May God bless our hands and hearts as we work together in this exciting new chapter of Natural Discipleship.


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